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The Apple Mac is not the first platform you may think of when discussing video games but this is a well misinformed way to look at games as the MAC offers many of the best video based games in the world today. The Mac not only offers some of the best graphical capabilities but also has far superior processing power to many of its rivals in the PC world.

With this in mind we have chosen to discuss some of the top games that are now available for the Mac in the hope you can enjoy them as much as we do. The first game on our discussion agenda is the long awaited Enemy Territory Quake Wars which is a military based game that features many in-depth missions for gamers to participate in. The game has some of the most jaw dropping and visually stunning graphics of any game we have reviewed and I was extremely impressed with all aspects of the game. The games playability is exceptional and offers gamers a whole new experience in modern warfare that will make it impossible to put down for fans of this genre. The official website for buying MAC Games from is the MAC Games Shop.

The next game on our list from the same genre is Call of Duty Modern Warfare which has been one of the most successful games of all time on other gaming platforms. With this in mind this excellent addition to the Mac catalogue does not disappoint in any way, shape or form and provides you with one of the best combat based games you will ever participate in. The game is based around the classic first person shooter and allows players to participate in a wide variety of combat situations during the story based mode and in addition offers one of the best online multi player facilities available anywhere. The graphics are simply amazing and really do bring the game to life and with the increased audio capabilities also you will now feel every shot as it whistles passed your head. EA Sports also supply MAC games, these can be found on the EA Sports MAC Games online store.

When it comes to role play games there are none better than the popular and iconic World of Warcraft. This game does have the slight disadvantage as gamers are required to pay and additional monthly fee for the online service but if we look at it realistically this is worth every penny as the experience is just out of this world and you will find it highly addictive. World of Warcraft offers some of the most highly detailed and awe inspiring graphics of any game and acts to bring you as close to this magical world as possible so we can see exactly why it is such a hit around the world. In addition to the wonderful games above we have also found another cracker in the shape of the outrageously addictive snow boarding game Drop Point Alaska. This exceptional game sees players participating in up to one hundred challenges on various high end snow boarding courses of their choice.

The courses are set by difficulty and can become quite challenging for the novice but once you get to grips with the game it is a high energy and brilliant game all round. It also has crystal clear and concise graphical content that really does do the game justice. The final game we feel is essential for the Mac is Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium wars which is a strategy based games that features over thirty missions for you to undertake right from the off. Gamers will be charged with leading their team of futuristic warriors in to battle against their enemies whilst protecting their own territory and the game itself is very challenging indeed to say the least. The game also has top notch graphics and game play which make it truly unique and highly entertaining. These for us are the top games on the market for the Apple Mac so we hope you get the chance to play and enjoy them as much as we have.