The latest Nintendo DS Games

Over the past few years the innovative Nintendo DS has become one of the most popular choices for video gaming due to its increased capabilities. The Nintendo DS now offers the gaming public the chance to take full advantage of the all new mobile technology so gamers now play the games they love wherever they may be. As this platform has become so popular in recent years there are now more and more games available for it than ever before so we have decided to look at some of the best and most popular games available to gamers.

The first and arguably the best game we played for this platform was Mario Tennis Open which as you can see is an all new tennis game. We found this game to be highly addictive throughout and really did bring out our competitive side to say the least. The game contains all the usual suspect Mario characters such as Mario, Luigi and Bowser and is very challenging and of course great fun. The game has very good graphics considering the limitations of the DS and run really smooth which really does make the game come into its own when compared with other games of this type. After many hours of reviewing I have to say that this game is more than worth every penny to say the least and we would highly recommend it to all fans of the series.

The second game on our agenda was the all new and flawless Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games game which was created and developed by leading industry developers SEGA Games. The game sees players involved in the world’s most iconic athletics tournament and we have to say this game was one of the best we have ever played on the DS. Players will be tasked of competing for their countries in many various athletics events across the board against some of the best athletes in the world. You will be able to participate in events such as the 100m, 200m, 400m running events, discus, javelin, high jump, long jump, triple jump, swimming, weightlifting, football, squash and many many more. The official Nintendo website hosts an array of technical information regarding the Nintendo DS Console, please review the Nintendo DS Official Website.

The game also uses its graphical capabilities very well which really does make the game feel that much more realistic and enjoyable and we absolutely loved playing every minute of this game. We can see this being a huge hit across the board with the fact that the real Olympic Games are so close to beginning.

The final game we decided to review for the Nintendo DS was Tekken 3D Prime Edition as we had received many great reports on just how good this all out fighting game is. When we first played the game we could immediately see how much the graphical had been improved from the last edition as they were now crystal clear and much more detailed than in previous editions. We also found a greatly expanded fighting character base than ever before with many all new and eye catching fighters to choose from which gave us that much more variety. The game itself is absolutely spot on and is easy to get to grips with and allows players to use all the characters special moves and so on with ease which is a great advantage for the new player.

The controls are also very easy to pick up and use and within minutes we found ourselves playing the game as if we had been playing it for years which again was very beneficial. The game play engine has again been greatly improved and now allows for one of the smoothest gaming experiences of a game of this type we have ever experienced. Well there you have it these are the three top Nintendo DS games of the moment in our opinion so we hope you find the time to check these out as we are very sure you will not be disappointed.