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Video Gaming As a Profession

Gaming is not only a recreational activity, but also a high-paying profession. A few years ago, no one would have thought that people could make money playing their favorite video games. Making money from video games has become so popular that many players stream their video games at home and earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. There are many popular live-streaming platforms that share their revenue with the creators that they earn from advertising.

Another way to make money playing video games is to participate in eSports. In fact, gamers with high quality skills can build a successful career in professional video gaming. There are million-dollar tournaments for different games organized by different platforms for eSports gamers. There are also different professional eSports leagues and pro gamers are sponsored to participate in these eSports leagues.

There are many high quality games used in competitive leagues around the world, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, DOTA 2, Call of Duty, PUBG, League of Legends, Halo and Fortnite.  Mastering one of these video games can help you become a professional gamer. Tyler Blevins (Ninja), Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Preston Arsement (Preston), Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) and many other professional gamers are earning over 15 million dollar from this profession.

The Top Games since 2019 to 2023

Check out the Top most played and sold games:

Wii Pac Man Party sees the return of one of the worlds most iconic
and successful arcade style games which has been entertaining
gamers for as long as we can remember.

The game once again takes you on a journey into the world of
the Pac Man where he and his friends are attempting to free
the land of the evil tyrant who has taken control of it.

The game requires players to use all their skills to guide
the Pac Man through many dangerous levels whilst ensuring
the survival and safety of his team.

Wii Pac Man Party

If you have ever played previous versions of this game then
you will immediately notice just how good this game is
when compared to previous editions as it is far the best
we have ever seen from this series.

The graphics have been much improved and this and the
extremely exciting and addictive game play is why we
at Games99 just had to award this game with a rating
of 9/10.

Official Pac Man Party Website


Old Price: £24.99

Price: £19.99

You save: £5.00

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PC Boxing Manager is the all new and exciting sports game which
has been highly anticipated by gamers all over the world ever
since it was first released.

The game itself takes you on a journey into the crazy world
of boxing management where you will be required to lead a
wide variety of boxers all the way to the championship

Players will need to use all their skills to take their
boxers on the journey of a life time where they must train
and then fight all of the contenders before bringing home
the championship.

PC Boxing Manager

this has to be one of the most exciting games we have
played this year as it offers something completely new
which will challenge even the greatest boxing fan.

The game has very good graphics and game play and will
be sure to have you glued to the screen for hours on
end and this is why we have awarded this title a
rating of 9/10.

Official Boxing Manager Website


Price: £0.00

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PC Tetris Worlds sees one of the most sensational and popular
video games of all time finally land on the PC gaming platform.

Tetris Revival is an all new and completely reinvented edition
of the classic and now contains more features and bonus rounds
than ever before.

Players must love a large selection of blocks into position as
the never ending wall continues to grow without stopping so you
will need to be extremely quick to do well.

PC Tetris Worlds

The game has had its graphics improved considerably since the
original and it is now much easier to enjoy and smoother to
play because of this.

The game play is as good as ever and we are sure you will be
completely captivated for hours at a time as you attempt to
set the highest score.

The team at Games99 are more than happy to award this great
game a quality rating of 9/10.

You can find the games official website at :


Old Price: £29.99

Price: £24.99

You save: £5.00

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The all new and exclusive Mario Sonic Olympic Games game which
is now available for the Nintendo Wii is one of the most
highly anticipated games releases of the year.

This great game has come just in time for the London Olympics
and gamers can now get involved themselves as they are
provided with a huge collection of sporting competitions
to participate in with their friends.

The team at SEGA have done a fantastic job with this game and
we can see exactly why it is rated so highly among gaming
critics from all over the world.

Mario Sonic Olympic Games

This game has some of the very best graphical content we here
at Games99 have ever seen and the way the game makes use of
the wireless technology only adds to the excitement of the

We here at Games99 have rated this game at 9/10 for quality
and value and we would have no trouble highly recommending
it to all our visitors.

You can find this games official website at :


Old Price: £39.99

Price: £34.99

You save: £5.00

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The Most Viewed Games on Games 99

Check out some of the most viewed games of 2020 below:

PC Age of Empires is a collection of four of the worlds most popular
video games all on one disk and since it has been released it has
sold record numbers to gamers all over the world.

This game is highly entertaining and offers the gamer a whole new
challenge as they attempt to complete a wide array of complex
missions across many different fantasy landscapes.

Each game has many different features and players will love the fact
that they can now participate in all the best battles from the
previous four editions of the game.

PC Age of Empires


When it comes to graphics and game play this is where these games
come into their own as they are some of the most detailed and
exciting we have seen and only add to the realism of the game.

After many days of playing these games we have found them to be
some of the best releases ever and this is why our dedicated
team here at Games99 have rated it as 9/10.

You can find this games official website at :

Age of Empires


Old Price: £19.99

Price: £14.99

You save: £5.00

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Wii Sega Superstar Tennis is the all new sports game from the team
at Sega and this game does not fail to impress in any way, shape
or form.

The team at Sega have created one of the most talked about tennis
games of all time as it features all of your favourite Sega
characters in one of the hottest releases of the summer.

Players will find great fun and entertainment in this game as
they fight it out on the court against some of the most skilled
tennis players from the Sega world.

Wii Sega Superstar Tennis

If you are a fan of sports or Sega games then this title will
be just up your street as it is completely enthralling from
start to finish and offers hours of satisfying entertainment.

Graphically it is superb and also in regards of game play
so we here at Games99 have no trouble whatsoever in awarding
this great game with a rating of 8/10.

Official Sega Superstar Tennis website


Old Price: £19.99

Price: £14.99

You save: £5.00

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Xbox Table Tennis is the revolutionary new sports game from the
iconic team at Rockstar games which has been hailed as
possibly the best game of its kind ever to be released onto
the gaming market.

The game is set in the fast paced world of professional table
tennis where gamers are entered into the upcoming world table
tennis championships.

Players must defeat a wide selection of opponents on their
way to lifting the title and it will take all your skill and
composure to do so.

Xbox Table Tennis

We have seen many games like this in our time but this new
title is by far the best as it offers some of the most
realistic visuals we have ever seen in a game of this type.

The game play again is out of this world and highly addictive
and this is the reason that our team here at Games99 have
chosen to award this title a rating of 10/10.

Official Table Tennis Website


Old Price: £19.99

Price: £17.99

You save: £2.00

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