Mobile Games

Over the past few years the genre of mobile games has seen a huge rise in popularity and they are now one of the most profitable industry components of the modern age with millions of pounds each year being spent on them. Historically mobile phone games were always very basic in their make up with games such as snake and tetris being some of the most popular of their age. These games provided mobile gamers with a great source of entertainment and excitement even though they were very basic. Now as technologies have changed and improved there are more and more of these games available than ever before and this has had a huge impact on the market as a whole.

These games now take advantage of some of the best quality screens we have ever seen on devices of this type which offer the user an unparalleled use of smooth running and hi definition graphics. These innovations have changed the way we play mobile games and now instead of the block based games we were used to seeing in the past we now have highly detailed and smooth running games that offer the user so much more than ever before. Another great advantage that the change in technologies has given the industry is of course the operating software that runs the games as this has been improved considerably over the past five years or so.

It is now possible to play highly detailed games as well as multi tasking on the phone of your choice at the same time. Many games that would have previously unattainable on a mobile device are now some of the most popular around and these can be anything from F.I.F.A 2012 to Street Fighter. Another reason that it is now possible to play games of this type on a mobile smart phone is the incorporation of the touch screen technology as these now offer gamers a whole new way of gaming which is far advanced than previous methods. There are also other resources for general games such as Google Games, Science Games as well as classic Space Games that most age groups can enjoy.

The use of the touch screen has been used to perfection with these games by offering the user the chance to get away from the key stroke controls that always featured on games of this type as their was never another way of controlling these games available until now. Now we see that the controls of these games are usually spread throughout the touch screen which not only provides more control capabilities but also makes it much easier to get to grips with these controls. The reason for this is that unlike the games of the past where the controls were all crammed into the key stroke area now they controls are spread evenly throughout the touch screen which greatly improves the overall control of the game.

These changes you may feel are only small but these changes have made the mobile games genre much more desirable and the industry has grown considerably due to this. It has also made the development of these games much better as now developers are not as limited as they have been in the past due to the poor technologies of the previous years. Social based sites also offer mobile options for using there websites such as Facebook Mobile who also have a dedicated page for Ipad Facebook users.

Many games that are also available on gaming consoles also use the same control set up as mobile phones so making the transition from home to mobile is again now much easier. With the mobile smart phone gaming industry growing more and more each day it has had the effect of laying the way for many future advancements of the industry which I am sure we will see the benefit on in the near future.

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