PS3 Virtua Tennis 4

PS3 Virtua Tennis 4 sees the return of one of the worlds premier
tennis video games which has been providing gamers with great
entertainment for many years.

This all new edition features many new characters to choose from
who are all currently on the world circuit as well as many
classic players such as Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.

The game allows you to participate both in normal game mode as
well as online in many of the worlds leading tennis tournaments
where you will need to be at your very best if you are to be
successful and win the coveted title of world champion.

PS3 Virtua Tennis 4

One of the most beneficial aspects which has changed in this new
game is the graphics as they have been improved to a much higher
level than ever before and this really shows within the game.

The game play is again superb and had us at Games99 engrossed
for hours on end and this is why we have given it a rating of

You can find this games official website at :

Virtua Tennis 4


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Price: £19.99

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PS3 Sports Champions

PS3 Sports Champions is an all new game which takes full
advantage of the Playstation 3`s innovative move facility
where players can control the game with no physical controls
but can do it all through their own body movement.

The game offers gamers the chance to play a wide variety
of sports which include disc golf, archery, volleyball,
bocce and table tennis as well as many more.

Players will need to be at their very best as they compete
against some of the top sportsman in the world so the
question is can you take on the challenge and come out on top?

PS3 Sports Champions

The game itself consists of some brilliant graphical concepts
which only add to the enjoyment of the game and this coupled
with the highly addictive game play is what makes this game
so good.

We here at Games99 have been reviewing this game for some time
and have loved every moment of it and this is why we have given
this exceptional game a rating of 10/10.

Official Sports Champions Website


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Price: £24.99

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PS3 Grand Slam Tennis 2

PS3 Grand Slam Tennis 2 is by far one of the worlds most popular
and successful tennis games and has won many awards along the
way as well as the hearts of tennis fans across the world.

The hugely popular team at EA Sports have implemented many
new and exciting changes to this edition with each of them
adding so much more to go the overall performance and
enjoyment of the game.

The game allows players to compete in many competitions both
off and on line as well as offering many tutorials and the
facility to practice to your hearts content.

PS3 Grand Slam Tennis 2

As you would expect from a game created by EA Sports the game
has some of the best graphical content of any tennis game we
have ever seen with the detail being remarkable.

The game play is also exceptional and for this reason our
team here at Games99 have no problem in happily awarding
this game a rating of 8/10.

Official Grand Slam Tennis 2 Website


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Price: £29.99

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PS3 Tiger Woods 13

PS3 Tiger Woods 13 is this years edition of one of the most long
running and successful golf based games of all time from the team
at EA Sports.

This new edition of the game features many all new concepts such
as the new and extremely innovative swing control feature as well
as much improved control of the ball and after shots.

The game also features many new courses that have never been seen
on any of these games before and they play beautifully and we are
sure fans of this series will absolutely love this one.

PS3 Tiger Woods 13

This game features some of the most detailed and expressive
graphical content ever to be seen on a golf game and this
really does make the game come to life before your eyes.

Where tiger woods has always excelled is in its game play
and this one does not disappoint in any way and this is why we
here at Games99 have awarded this title a rating of 9/10.

Official Tiger Woods 13 Website


Old Price: £39.99

Price: £29.99

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PS3 SSX is one of the most popular snowboarding games ever to
be created as it offers so much more than any other game in
its class has ever done before.

The game makes use of some of the most innovative graphical
concepts ever to be seen in a sports game of this type and
offers an extensive array of features aimed at making the
overall experience for the gamer.

Players will need to learn and then showcase the skills that
will see them become the worlds number one snowboarder as
they participate in the world championships.


Over the years we have seen many snowboarding games come and
go but this one is by far the best as its graphics and game
play are simply out of this world.

Players will get many hours of enjoyment from this game just
like we have so we here at Games99 are happy to award this
game with a quality and value rating of 7/10.

Official SSX Website


Old Price: £39.99

Price: £34.99

You save: £5.00! (12.50%)

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