Wii Lego Batman 2

This exceptional new Nintendo Wii Lego Batman 2 game is the
latest edition from the multi award winning video game
developing team at Nintendo.

This all new game takes you back to where it all began as you
follow the story once again of the caped crusader and his
sidekick Robin.

The game takes your hero on another breathtaking adventure
where he will be required to defeat his arch enemies  as he
attempts to save the city of Gotham from total chaos.

Wii Lego Batman 2

This game is by far one of the best we have ever played from this
gaming series as it is highly entertaining throughout and great

The graphics are game play of the game are simply superb and
offer you the most visually stunning scenery you will find on
any video game.

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Price: £29.99

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Wii LOZ Skyward Sword

Wii LOZ Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Wii is one of the most
exciting video games we have seen over the past few years from
this series.

a series has been so successful over the years
that fans of this edition will be more than happy with the game
as it is by far the best so far in the series.

The game takes you once again on a magical adventure across many
magical lands as you attempt to lead your hero all the way to
ridding the land of the evil forces that are in control of it.

Wii LOZ Skyward Sword

This all new edition of the game has some of the best graphical
content we have ever seen in a game from the series and this
only acts to make the gaming experience even more better than
it has ever been.

The game also has exceptional game play which will be sure to
have you glued to the screen for hours on end and this is the
reason that we here at Games99 have awarded this great game a
rating of 8/10.

You can find this games official website at :

Skyward Sword


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Price: £29.99

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Wii Lego Star Wars Collection

The Nintendo Wii Lego Star Wars Collection which contains the
complete saga of games is one of the most popular gaming
choices in the world today and has had huge success across
the board.

The game sees players once again thrust into the middle of a
galactic battle where you must lead Luke and his companions
against the evil empire in the hope of freeing the galaxy from
their evil clutches.

These games are like nothing we have ever seen before and you
will find many challenges within the game to complete on your
way to defeating Lord Vadar and the dreaded emperor.

Wii Lego Star Wars Collection

The team at Lego have done an exceptional job with these
games as they are brilliant in the way of graphics and
game play and are thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

Games99 has found these games to be compelling to say the
least and we would like to award it a rating of 9/10 for
being so good.

Official Lego Star Wars Website


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Price: £39.99

You save: £5.00! (11.11%)

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Wii Disney Tangled

Wii Disney Tangled is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable
games releases ever to hit the stores from Disney and this top
game has had many excellent reviews since it was first unleashed
onto the market place.

The game sees you plunged into a magical world filled with many
of your favourite Disney characters with each of them having all
new magical abilities and skills.

Players must negotiate a wide array of levels completing various
missions as you attempt to help your heroes free the land from
its evil dictator.

Wii Disney Tangled

The game benefits from some excellent graphics which run very
smoothly indeed which makes the game so much better as many
of the scenes have been created in a stunning fashion.

Game play wise the game is not the best but it is still very
enjoyable with many challenges that can be completed by all
ages of gamers and we here at Games99 are more than happy
to give this great game a rating of 7/10.

Official Disney Tangled Website


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Price: £19.99

You save: £5.00! (20.01%)

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Wii Disney Universe

Wii Disney Universe is the animation game that everyone has been
talking about in recent time as it offers fans of the Disney
series a whole new way to enjoy video games.

This all new and extremely popular game sees players following
the lives of some of the most iconic video games characters of
all time across many different settings.

The game encases all of the Disney world famous stars as gamers
are required to lead these stars through many dangerous levels
which are filled with obstacles and tasks.

Wii Disney Universe

Over the years we have seen many of these Disney games but this
game has to be the best we have played in regards of graphics
and game play as it offers so much more than any other game of
the series.

We here at Games99 had so much fun and enjoyment from playing
this game that we just had to award it a quality and value
rating of 8/10.

Official Disney Universe Website


Old Price: £29.99

Price: £24.99

You save: £5.00! (16.67%)

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