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This Years Top PC Games

The PC has been providing us with some of the worlds best PC Games we have ever seen for over three decades and is just as popular today for gamers than it has ever been before due to the huge variety of games as well as the graphical and processing capabilities that this platform has.

For many years gaming developers have been creating their very best games for this platform as it is the perfect training ground for gaming development before many of the games hit consoles. As there are so many of these games coming on to the market each year we have done our best to review and list the games that we feel are by far the very best releases of the year so far in the hope you will be able to enjoy them like we do.

The first of these games that we would like to look at as it is simply one of the best we have ever played on the PC is Medal of Honor Warfighter which is a military based first person shooter game from the multi award winning team at EA Games. The game itself allows players to feel the full effect and realism of modern age warfare as you are tasked with leading your teams into a host of different combat situations which will take every ounce of your skill to stay alive. You will find that there are now more in-depth missions to complete in your quest to win the battles you have been thrust into from aircraft warfare to naval battles. The game makes use of its all new and innovative graphics engine which makes the game come to life before your eyes as shrapnel and bullets going whizzing past your head.

The game also has one of the most interesting and entertaining online multi player systems of any game we have seen before which again offers the user so much more choice for such a small price. Every aspect of the game has been thought of perfectly and this is why it tops our chart of the very best games of the year for this platform.

The second game we have to talk about is a far way away from the previous game but is in no way and less of a great game and the game is none other than Testament of Sherlock Holmes PC Game. This all new and innovative game sees players stepping into the shoes of one of the world most famous detectives or super sleuths as he embarks on some of his most challenging missions to date. The gamer will be faced with a wide variety of mysteries and puzzles to solve as you negotiate many different crime scenes in search of clues that will lead you to the infamous professor moriarty. You will need to use all your know how and experience to find these clues which will lead you to your nemesis but make sure you keep your eyes on the playing field as if you don’t you may find you miss the clues altogether. The game has been developed by Frogwares Games, a well established and reputable game developer.

The make up and plot of the game are simply fantastic from start to finish and you can see the huge amount of work that has gone into this game as soon as you switch it on as every detail has been catered for. They have also put in a huge amount of work on the graphics of the game as they are by far some of the most highly detailed graphics we have seen on any game for this platform. The game is also very easy to control with the buttons following the standard set up for PC games where the mouse and keys are used in conjunction with each other. More data can be shared on the Games99 profile on drupal.

If you love your games for the PC then we are without a doubt extremely sure that you will thoroughly enjoy both of these wonderful games just like we have.