Mobile Fighting Games

Best Mobile Fighting Games of 2012

One of the worlds most popular genres of video gaming are the fighting games that are available to the gamer and there are now more of these games on offer to you than ever before. If you are a fan of this type of game then you will understand the advantage of having as much information on which of these games are the best as possible. For this reason we have reviewed and listed some of what we feel is by far the best fighting based games available for mobile devices in the hope that this will enable you to enjoy them to. The first game and arguably the best of the bunch is none other than one of genres most classic games of all time which is Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

This game was one of the worlds most successful arcade based games and was played by millions of people all over the world so you can understand that this title was so highly anticipated by gamers everywhere. The game sees players thrust into a futuristic world where they must enter a tournament to free their friends from their evil nemesis. Players will need to fight a host of fighters who all have exceptional and supernatural powers and defeat them on their way to meeting their nemesis in the final and freeing their friends. The games have a great plot and some of the most fluent and smooth running graphics of any fighting game available on mobile devices.

The game play is seamless throughout and really does provide a high level of enjoyment every step of the way with the opponents becoming harder and harder to beat at every stage. There are a host of special moves to learn but the basic controls are very easy to pick and you will feel like an expert in minutes.

The next game on our list is another remake of a classic game just for mobile devices which is Tekken. This game defied boundaries when it was first released in the arcade gaming world and has grown in popularity ever since with a host of sequel games becoming available over the years. This new edition for mobile devices does not lack in any way of quality and has been put together really well from start to finish. Players will again need to battle their way to victory over many opponents using all their skills and know how to defeat them. Graphically this game is exceptionally good in every way and runs freely and smoothly throughout which really adds to the game as a whole.

The last game on our list of the best mobile fighting games is Super K.O Boxing 2 from Glu games which as the title says is an all out boxing based game. The game sees players needing to create their very own boxer if they wish and leading him to the world heavy weight title. The gamer must slowly build up his fighter by intensive training and skill exercises as well as defeating all the opponents required on your way to the title. The game offers its players a whole host of special punches and move for their fighters which greatly enhance their overall skills and attributes.

You will need to defeat fifteen fighters of different skill levels before you get a title shot and then you must overcome the hardest test of them all when you meet the champion. The game is very smooth running and offers the user a great source of entertainment that you will just not be able to put down. Its graphics again are simply superb and really do depict the fighters as they have been intended by the creator. As you can see these three fighting games offer you a wide variety of choice and each have their advantages over the next so we hope you can use this information we have provided to make an informed decision on which game to get next.