Playstation 3 Games

The Greatest Playstation 3 Games

The Playstation 3 has fast become one of the world’s hottest video gaming consoles and has sold over two hundred millions units worldwide since its first release back in 2006. If you have ever found yourself looking for Playstation 3 games then you would understand that there are a huge variety of these games on offer within a wide variety of gaming genres. For this reason we have decided to review and detail below some of the best PS3 games on offer so you will have the best information on which is the greatest Playstation 3 game out there.

One of the best games we have ever played on this platform is Mass Effect 3 which is a first person shooter game set in a futuristic world on the edge of our solar system. This exceptional game allows players to experience the innovative gaming system and state of the art graphics of one of the best shooters on the market. Players will be sure to find it very challenging to say the least and it will have no problem captivating you from the moment you begin to play it.

The next game on out hit list is none other than UFC Undisputed 3 which sees THQ once again release this extremely popular game into the gaming market place. The game features one of the hottest sports in the industry at the moment which of course is mixed martial arts and allows gamers to challenge for a whole host of titles. You will find all your favourite UFC fighters showcased within this title such as Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and many more so you will always be able to lead your preferred fighter to the championship belt. The game has some of the best graphical content of any game in its class and is completely enthralling from start to finish and highly addictive. The game is very simple to play also with the player being able to participate in a wide variety of moves and fighting strategies by the touch of a button.

Another great title we just had to mention sees two of the most successful fighting based games of all time clash horns and oh boy is this a top game all round. Tekken Vs Street Fighter allows gamers to experience the rip roaring and highly entertaining fighting action of two of the best games in their class as all your favourite street fighter characters battle it out with your favourite Tekken characters. The game showcases all new and innovative graphical systems that really do make the game come to life and we are sure that once you start playing this game you simply will not be able to put it down.

The next game on our list but by no means least is Soul Calibre 5 which sees the fifth edition of this exhilarating fighting game land on the doors of the Playstation 3. Players will find the largest collection of fighters ever on offer within this edition and these fighters will have more special moves and powers than in any previous edition of the game. The developers have spared no time at all in the way this game has been created as every detail is absolutely perfect from start to finish.

The final game we just have to mention is NFL Blitz which is the all new and extremely popular American football game from EA Sports. This game allows players to experience life in one of the most competitive league competitions in the world today. You will be able to choose your favourite NFL teams and then lead them to the coveted championship title by not only arranging tactics and strategies but by also purchasing the right players to add to your squad. The graphics are simply immense and have some of the greatest detail put in to them of any game in its genre and we absolutely love it and cannot recommend it enough.