PC Dead Island

PC Dead Island is one of the most popular and successful video
games releases of the year and has received many great reviews
from gamers all over the world.

The game sees you the gamer thrust into a deadly battle where
you must survive waves of flesh eating zombies as you attempt
to escape the evil island where you are located.

The game offers you many different challenges of varying
difficulty and is one of the most challenging we have come
across in recent years.

PC Dead Island

We here at Games99 have reviewed this game extensively and have
found it be extremely good in every way and we could not put it
down once we started to play it.

Due to this fact we have decided to award this exceptionally
good game a rating of 8/10 for both quality and gaming value
and we hope you get the chance to enjoy it as much as we have.

You can find this games official website at :

 Dead Island


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