Xbox Banjo Kazooie

Xbox Banjo Kazooie is a revolutionary new driving game which
features two of the worlds most popular video games characters.

The crazy duo return in the all new racing championship game
where they are intent on taking home the title of the best
drivers in the world.

The game has many brilliant racing course levels which are
filled with many hazards which are there to ensure you do
not finish and the game is very entertaining.

Xbox Banjo Kazooie

When we first played this title we were immediately impressed
by the overall quality of the game from its innovative graphics
engine to its seamless game play module.

We here at Games99 have been so impressed by this game that we
are very happy to award it a quality rating of 9/10.

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Old Price: £44.99

Price: £39.99

You save: £5.00

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