Wii Bust A Move

Wii Bust A Move is an all out bonanza of a puzzle based game that
has been welcomed with open arms by huge numbers of gamers all
over the world due to its excellent concept and high entertainment

The game sees players charged with completing various levels where
bubbles are building up around you and the gamer will need to burst
as many as they possibly can before they overrun you which will
cause the game to end.

Wii Bust A Move

The game itself is by far one of the best we have played on the
Wii as it is filled with challenges that provide a huge amount of
fun and entertainment for gamers and we are sure you will absolutely
love it as soon as you play it.

Graphically and in regards of game play the game is again
exceptional and one of the best we have played and thus Games99
have given it a rating of 9/10.

Old Price: £39.99

Price: £32.99

You save: £7.00

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