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As there are so many mobile games on offer in the modern day we thought that we would review and list some of the very best of these games so you have a great resource to find out which of these games are best suited for you. We have spent countless hours reviewing these games and are now finally in the position to list them for you so you can now enjoy them as much as we have at your leisure. Below you will see we have listed five of our all time favorite multi player mobile games which we hope will provide you with a great source of fun and entertainment for your gaming activities.

1. Hanging With Friends Mobile Game

Hanging with Friends is one of the best games we have ever played on a mobile device and as it is available on all platforms as well this occupies top spot in our chart. The game is based on the hugely popular historic game of hangman where players must choose various words which they will need to then send to their opposing players. The opposing player will then be required to guess these words and send them back to you to see if they are correct. This game really is so much fun and is highly entertaining throughout and we cannot recommend it enough.

2. Muffin Knight Mobile Game

Muffin Knight is a truly remarkable game which sees players participating in one of the most exciting platform based games we have ever come across so far on our gaming travels. The game itself sees two individual gamers pitted against each other where they are required to collect more muffins than the other player. This may sound very simple but it is not so as the levels where you will need to compete are designed to make this as hard as possible. You will be sure to find this game so challenging and extremely addictive and it will be sure to give you some of the best gaming entertainment you have ever experienced.

3. Dungeon Defenders Mobile Game

Dungeon Defenders sees gamers thrust into a crazy world where they must defend their towers against other players if they are to be successful overall. The game can incorporate up to four players which is quite unique for a game of this type and these players can either choose to work together or against each other. The games challenge is to protect the eternia crystal from being destroyed so players will need to arrange their defences so they can defend this as well as choosing where to send their own offensive forces to destroy the enemies crystal. I am sure that you will love this game once it starts as we found it to have the effect of gluing us to the seat for hours on end.

4. Star Legends The Blackstar Chronicles Mobile Game

Star Legends The Blackstar Chronicles is a highly charged and entertaining platform based game where players must explore a crashed space ship and collect various types of loot and treasures. The aim of the game is to collect as much of this loot as possible so that you have a higher score than your opponents which can be more challenging than you think. Be warned you may find this exceptional game highly addictive and it could cause many arguments of who is the best at it.

5. Greed Corp Mobile Game

Greed Corp is a strategy based game that requires gamers to use their land to their advantage against their opponents. Players will be required to dig for treasures within their lands to help buy weapons to overthrow and land the property of their opponents which may sound simple but it is not. Once a player has mined an area they will then be able to tile up the hole they have made which in turn sets traps for the invading forces so choosing where to position your troops can be quite a task in itself. Players will need to use all their strategic know how if they are to be successful and win games but either way the game is very entertaining and will be sure to give you hours of gaming pleasure.

For more information on other games information for mobiles please review our Mobile Games page. We also recommend our readers take a look at Miniclip website, of which is packed with some fantastic games. In addition Google Play has an exciting array of other mobile games and applications.

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