PC Batman Arkham Asylum

PC Batman Arkham Asylum is one of the most exciting video
games of all time and offers completely compelling story
lines which will be sure to have you captivated for hours
on end.

The team at Rocksteady Games have done a fantastic job
with this game as it now features more innovations than
any other game from the series and is highly addictive.

Players will need to lead the caped crusader and Robin
through many levels and you will need to do your very
best to guide the dynamic duo to safety throughout the

PC Batman Arkham Asylum

When we first played this game we were immediately
impressed by just how good the games graphics were as
they offer some of the most detailed levels of any
game we have seen in the series.

The game also has the habit of making gamers lose hours
at a time due to its compelling game play and this has
made our team here at Games99 award this title a rating
of 9/10.

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