PC Hunted

PC Hunted os one of the most action packed and talked about
video games releases of the year so far which has received
many great reviews from leading industry specialists from
across the world.

The game which has been created by one of the leading
video games development teams in Bethesda Games is one
of the most exciting games of all time from this genre.

Players will need to work their way through countless
levels of mixed dangers as they attempt to reach the
lair of their deadly enemy where they must destroy him
and in turn free the land.

PC Hunted

After many hours of reviewing this game we found it to
be highly addictive and extremely enjoyable from start
to finish and we have to say we loved every minute of it.

The graphics within the game and also the game play are
again fantastic to say the least and this is why Games99
have given this title a rating of 9/10.

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