Ipad Fruit Ninja

Ipad Fruit Ninja is the completely revolutionary mobile game
where players are tasked with completing a wide variety of
puzzle based levels in search of obtaining the highest score

Players will face a multitude of varying levels where they
must destroy as much fruit as they can which continuously
falls from the skies which may seem easy to you can take
our word for it that it is more difficult than you think.

Ipad Fruit Ninja

After many hours playing this game we were completely
mesmerized by just how good the graphics of the game are
as they are extremely high in detail and run flawlessly
throughout the game.

We here at Games99 loved the game play so much that
after long deliberation our team had no other choice but
to award this top game a rating of 10/10 for both quality
and value.

Official Fruit Ninja Website

Price: £5.00

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