Wii Manhunt 2

Wii Manhunt 2 is the second edition of one of the most talked
about games in history and this all new edition is set to blow
the roof off the gaming world as it has one of the most unique
and entertaining concepts to be seen in any video game.

The game which has been created by the multi award winning and
iconic team at Rockstar games offers players another chance to
participate in the viscous street world where crime rules.

Players will need to blast their way through many different
levels whilst searching for the person who has captured you
and forced you to do tasks for them whilst killing everyone
in their wake.

Wii Manhunt 2

This game is truly remarkable from start to finish and offers
some of the best graphics you are likely to see in a game
of its kind as they are truly superb.

Game play is another brilliant result for Rockstar as this
game has some of the best we have seen and is highly addictive
and for this reason it thoroughly earns the 10/10 rating our
team here at Games99 have given it.

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Price: £19.99

You save: £5.00

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