Wii Sports

Wii Sports is the original Nintendo Wii game that took the world by
storm when it was first released as it was the first title to make
use of the wireless motion technology which has made the Wii so

This excellent game allows gamers to make use of some of the worlds
most popular sports where they can participate against their friends
online or against them at their home.

The game includes sports such as boxing, golf, bowling, tennis and
baseball as well as other so as you can see there is something for
everyone with this great game from Nintendo.

Wii Sports

After many hours of playing this game we have found that it is one
of the best we have played on the Wii and is highly entertaining
fun from start to finish and has the effect of bringing out your
competitive side.

Both the graphics and game play are truly immense and this is the
reason that we here at Games99 feel it is worthy of the 9/10
rating we have given it.

You can find this games official website at :

Wii Sports


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