PS3 Fight Night Champion

PS3 Fight Night Champion takes the world of video game boxing
to whole new levels and after many rave reviews from leading
gaming critics from across the world this title has won many
awards for its innovation and quality.

The team at EA Sports have done a fantastic job with this new
edition of the game which now features more fighters than ever
before including many classic fighters such as George Foreman
and Mike Tyson and we are sure gamers will love this title once
they begin to play it.

PS3 Fight Night Champion

This great game offers fans of boxing games so much more than
ever before in the way of game play and graphics and it is
by far the most playable and enjoyable boxing game of all time
and this is why we rate it so highly.

After playing the game for some time we just had to give this
title a perfect 10/10 rating as it more than deserves it for
being so good and exciting.

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Price: £24.99

You save: £10.00

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