PS3 Sports Champions

PS3 Sports Champions is an all new game which takes full
advantage of the Playstation 3`s innovative move facility
where players can control the game with no physical controls
but can do it all through their own body movement.

The game offers gamers the chance to play a wide variety
of sports which include disc golf, archery, volleyball,
bocce and table tennis as well as many more.

Players will need to be at their very best as they compete
against some of the top sportsman in the world so the
question is can you take on the challenge and come out on top?

PS3 Sports Champions

The game itself consists of some brilliant graphical concepts
which only add to the enjoyment of the game and this coupled
with the highly addictive game play is what makes this game
so good.

We here at Games99 have been reviewing this game for some time
and have loved every moment of it and this is why we have given
this exceptional game a rating of 10/10.

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You save: £5.00

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