Xbox Dirt Showdown

Xbox Dirt Showdown is the racing game of the future and has been
critically acclaimed as one of the most exciting and realistic
driving video games of all time.

The team at the iconic Codemasters have done a fantastic job in
creating this exceptional new game as it offers some of the most
realistic driving scenes to be found in any game from this

Players will need to choose the vehicle of their choice and then
lead their team all the way to the coveted world championship

Xbox Dirt Showdown

We here at Games99 have played so many racing games over the
years that they can get a bit boring but this is not the case
in any way of this game as it is one of the most we have ever
played and offers hours of endless fun to all who play it.

As you would expect from the team at Codemasters the game
has incredible graphics and also very innovative game play
which makes it brilliant and this is why we have awarded it
a rating of 10/10.

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