Xbox Table Tennis

Xbox Table Tennis is the revolutionary new sports game from the
iconic team at Rockstar games which has been hailed as
possibly the best game of its kind ever to be released onto
the gaming market.

The game is set in the fast paced world of professional table
tennis where gamers are entered into the upcoming world table
tennis championships.

Players must defeat a wide selection of opponents on their
way to lifting the title and it will take all your skill and
composure to do so.

Xbox Table Tennis

We have seen many games like this in our time but this new
title is by far the best as it offers some of the most
realistic visuals we have ever seen in a game of this type.

The game play again is out of this world and highly addictive
and this is the reason that our team here at Games99 have
chosen to award this title a rating of 10/10.

Official Table Tennis Website


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