PC Dragon Age Origins

PC Dragon Age Origins is the all new edition from the long running
Dragon Age series of games and this has been said by many to be
by far the best of the bunch in every way.

The game takes off where the last one finished as you are required
to hunt down and destroy a host of dangerous and viscous dragons
in a wide variety of settings.

The team at EA Games have implemented many new features into
this new game which we are sure will provide all you fans of
the game with one of the most exciting experiences ever.

PC Dragon Age Origins

What really stands out on this wonderful game is the graphics as
they are so detailed it is unreal and this only adds to the
overall experience and enjoyment of the game as they are
mesmerizing in every way possible.

We here at Games99 have found that the game play offers so much
more than any other game in its class and for this reason as well
as the graphics we award this title with a top 10/10 rating.

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