PC Age of Empires

PC Age of Empires is a collection of four of the worlds most popular
video games all on one disk and since it has been released it has
sold record numbers to gamers all over the world.

This game is highly entertaining and offers the gamer a whole new
challenge as they attempt to complete a wide array of complex
missions across many different fantasy landscapes.

Each game has many different features and players will love the fact
that they can now participate in all the best battles from the
previous four editions of the game.

PC Age of Empires


When it comes to graphics and game play this is where these games
come into their own as they are some of the most detailed and
exciting we have seen and only add to the realism of the game.

After many days of playing these games we have found them to be
some of the best releases ever and this is why our dedicated
team here at Games99 have rated it as 9/10.

You can find this games official website at :

Age of Empires


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