PC Battlefield Bad Company 2

PC Battlefield Bad Company 2 takes the first person shooter genre
to a whole new levels as it offers one of the most realistic and
enjoyable experience we have ever seen on a game of this type.

The game allows gamers to fight military battles across a wide
variety of landscapes and gives them full use of all military
equipment such as weapons, tanks, jets and helicopters as well
as much more.

PC Battlefield Bad Company 2

Being firm fans of this type of game the Games99 team was overjoyed
when we first received this game and after a few hours of play we
were more than happy that we did as the game is simply superb.

Although the game can be quite difficult to master the graphics and
game play as well as the fun factor all deliver in every way and
for this reason we have awarded this brilliant title with a rating
of 10/10.

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