PC Blur

PC Blur is one of the most exciting driving based games we have
ever come across and makes extreme use of the capabilities of
the PC gaming platform perfectly to depict the game in just the
way it should be seen.

The game thrusts players into the extremely competitive and
engrossing world of professional street racing and gamers will
need to use all their skills and knowledge to compete
successfully and win the title from their foes.

PC Blur

If you are a fan of racing games then you will without a doubt
absolutely love this game as it offers everything you would
expect from a game from Activision and it is simply superb
from start to finish.

We found the game play to be extremely addictive and had the
effect of keeping us engrossed for many hours at a time and
due to this fact we at Games99 have chosen to award it a rating
of 8/10.

Official Blur Website


Old Price: £19.99

Price: £14.99

You save: £5.00

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