PC Dirt 3

PC Dirt 3 is the third edition of the worlds best known video racing
game from the multi award winning team at Codemasters who have
been responsible for some of the most iconic games in history.

The game gives players the chance to see exactly what it would be
like to be a world rally championship driver as you will be faced
with not only some of the best drivers ever seen but also some of
the most devastating terrains on the planet.

There is a huge selection of race cars to choose from within this
top game from the Ford Focus to the Subaru Imprezza so you should
ensure you choose the right car for the job if you are wishing to
take the title.

PC Dirt 3

Within the game you will find many different racing grounds which
really do seem so more realistic than ever before due to the
immense graphics of the game.

The game play is also extremely good and overall the game is
one of the best we have ever played from this genre so the
team at Games99 just have to give this game a rating of 10/10.

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Old Price: £24.99

Price: £17.99

You save: £7.00

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