PC Taito Legends 2

PC Taito Legends 2 is jam packed with some of the most exciting
and entertaining arcade games of all time which are back for
another run in the big time.

This disc contains many of the world most iconic arcade games
of all time which have been thrilling gamers for more
than three decades.

This game includes titles such as space invaders, rastan 2,
puzzle bobble, darius gaiden and many more classic and
highly addictive games.

PC Taito Legends 2

As we were lucky enough to experience these games the first
time around we thought who better to give you an honest
review of the games and this we have done.

The games are simply brilliant and we enjoyed them as
much this time as we did the first and for this reason
we have awarded this title with a rating of 9/10.

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Price: £14.99

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