Ipad Aquaria

Ipad Aquaria is one of the most interesting and exciting mobile
games we have seen in recent years as it offers gamers something
completely new and innovative.

The game allows the gamer to experience a completely captivating
underwater realm as they embark on one of the most challenging
adventures ever to be seen on any mobile device.

Players will need to be on the top of their game if they are
to successful negotiate all of the visually stunning levels
which are set out before them before their oxygen runs out
and they are left for dead.

Ipad Aquaria

If you are a fan of mobile adventure games then this title will
be sure to be just up your street as it offers a brilliant gaming
experience which you will never forget.

The graphics and game play are very good to say the least and
we here at Games99 feel it is worth every point of its rating of
9/10 that we have awarded it.

Official Aquaria Website


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