Ipad Dungeon Hunter 2

Ipad Dungeon Hunter 2 is one of the hottest mobile games around
right now and has received many great accolades from leading
games reviewers all over the world.

The game itself is an all out fantasy thriller where you must lead
you characters on a dangers adventure across mythical lands in
hope of freeing the people from the clutches of the evil king of

Players will be faced with a multitude of tasks of varying levels
which really are very challenging and will take all of your
thought and composure to complete.

Dragon Hunter 2

When it comes to the graphics of this exceptional game this is
where the game comes into its own as for a mobile game this is
by far one of the very best we have ever played graphically.

The backdrops and settings of the game are now so much more
detailed and visually stunning due to the increased graphics
engine the game has and it is truly magical.

In regards of game play we here at Games99 found it to be quite
captivating to say the least and had us fully engrossed for many
hours so our team had no trouble award this great game a rating
of 8/10.

You can find this game via the Apple website which is at :

Dungeon Hunter 2

Old Price: £7.00

Price: £4.00

You save: £3.00

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