Wii Lego Star Wars Collection

The Nintendo Wii Lego Star Wars Collection which contains the
complete saga of games is one of the most popular gaming
choices in the world today and has had huge success across
the board.

The game sees players once again thrust into the middle of a
galactic battle where you must lead Luke and his companions
against the evil empire in the hope of freeing the galaxy from
their evil clutches.

These games are like nothing we have ever seen before and you
will find many challenges within the game to complete on your
way to defeating Lord Vadar and the dreaded emperor.

Wii Lego Star Wars Collection

The team at Lego have done an exceptional job with these
games as they are brilliant in the way of graphics and
game play and are thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

Games99 has found these games to be compelling to say the
least and we would like to award it a rating of 9/10 for
being so good.

Official Lego Star Wars Website


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