Wii Lego Harry Potter

Wii Lego Harry Potter is the all new game from the iconic team of
video games developers at Nintendo who have won many awards
down the years.

This great new game follows the adventures of Harry Potter and
his friends as they once again find themselves doing battle
with the evil Lord Voldermort.

Players will be required to lead Harry to victory against the
dark lord and free the magical world and Hogwarts from his
evil clutches.

Wii Lego Harry Potter

The game is suitable for both kids from the ages of five and also
teenagers and adults as it is highly entertaining throughout.

The game makes use of its innovative graphics perfectly and this
in conjunction with the motion technology gets this game a top
10/10 rating from the team here at Games99.

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Price: £24.99

You save: £5.00

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