Wii Pirates Vs Ninjas Dodgeball

Wii Pirates Vs Ninjas Dodgeball is an all new and very exciting
arcade based game from the team at South Peak games developments
which have created some of the worlds most popular games.

This great game takes you into the heart of the battle between
pirates and ninjas as they battle it out for supremacy over the

The game offers the gamers the chance to compete against their
foes in a wide variety of levels with the gamer needing to be on
the top of their game if they are to be successful.

Wii Pirates Vs Ninjas Dodgeball

we have seen many games like this over the years but we have to
say that this title has the best graphics by far of any of
these games as they are so detailed it really does make the game
come to life before your eyes.

We have had endless hours of fun and excitement playing this game
and after many hours our team at Games99 have chosen to give this
exceptional game a rating of 9/10.

Official Pirates Vs Ninjas Website


Old Price: £29.99

Price: £19.99

You save: £10.00

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