Wii Off Road

Wii Off Road is one of the most highly anticipated and popular
driving based video games of the year and has won many great
reviews from leading video games critics all over the world.

The game allows you to experience the hussle and bussle of one
of the most dangerous and challenging sports in the world today
which will require every ounce of your skill to complete.

Players will be allowed to choose the vehicle of their choice
and then compete against some of the very best drivers in the
world as you attempt to wrestle the coveted off road title
from them.

Wii Off Road

The game makes use of some of the best graphics we have seen
perfectly as the levels are some of the most realistic we have
seen to date due to the innovative graphics engine which has
been incorporated into the game.

We have again found the game play to be some of the best we
have ever experienced and thus Games99 have awarded this top
title an overall rating of 8/10.

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