PS3 Black Ops 2

PS3 Black Ops 2 sees one of the worlds biggest and most successful
video games series of all time make a return to your home consoles
and have the team at Activision got a real treat for you with this
all new edition.

The heat is one as you are once again thrust into the action and
mayhem world of the first person shooter as you lead you team
into many of the worlds most hostile battlefields.

The game allows you to use a wide variety of functions from the
innovative story mode to the multi award winning online multi
player system where you can battle with or against your friends.

PS3 Black Ops 2

The game has gone through some major changes since the last
edition none more so than the graphics engine which has been
improved considerable if that is possible and this really
shows within the game as the graphics are extremely high
detailed and visually stunning throughout.

The game play of the game is again exceptional in every way
and all this added together makes it impossible for the
team here at Games99 to give this a rating less of 10/10.

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Old Price: £54.99

Price: £49.99

You save: £5.00

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