PS3 Elder Scrolls Skyrim

PS3 Elder Scrolls Skyrim is the newest instalment of the multi award
winning fantasy gaming series from the iconic team of developers at
Bethesda Games.

This excellent game sees players once again thrust into a chaotic
world of fantasy and danger as they undertake a huge variety of
missions in the hope of freeing the land from the evil dictator.

The game has many levels which are designed to make use of all your
skills and you will need to be at the very top of your game if you
are to be successful and complete the task in hand.

PS3 Elder Scrolls Skyrim

If you have played the previous editions of the game we are more than
sure that you will enjoy every single moment of this game as it offers
some of the most challenging objectives we have seen in any game of
its kind.

Graphically it is immense and also in regards of game play so we here
at Games99 are happy and proud to award this title with a rating of
9/10 for quality and value.

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim


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