PS3 Start The Party

PS3 Start The Party is the ultimate arcade based game where you
and up to four friends can have many hours of fun and excitement
doing a wide variety of activities.

The game itself contains over twenty mini games for you to
enjoy which cover many different things and you may find that
one minute you are shooting arrows and next that you are
holding a paint brush it is that crazy.

The game is fully interactive and can be played by up to four
members of the family in one go using the playstation move

PS3 Start The Party

As there are so many games within this title having a great
graphical engine is a must and this game has exactly that as
the graphics run smoothly and flawlessly throughout the
game making it easier than ever to play.

Our dedicated team here at Games99 have enjoyed playing this
game so much that we feel we just have to give it a great
score rating of 8/10.

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Old Price: £24.99

Price: £19.99

You save: £5.00

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