PS3 TV Superstars

PS3 TV Superstars is the all new game from the team at Cambridge
Studios which has received great accolades ever since it was first
released to the gaming public.

The game allows players to participate in a variety of reality TV
shows where they must compete against other contestants in hope
of taking home the jackpot and winning the game.

Players will be required to use all their skills to defeat the
opposing players who can be either computer based or against
your real friends.

PS3 TV Superstars

The game is very well made and contains some of the most clear
and eye pleasing graphics of any arcade based game we have seen
and we feel it is fantastic in every way.

You will be able to have hours of endless fun with this game
and for this reason our team here at Games99 have decided to
give this game an overall rating of 7/10.

Official TV Superstars Website


Old Price: £19.99

Price: £14.99

You save: £5.00

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