PS3 Sniper Ghost Warrior

PS3 Sniper Ghost Warrior is the all new and completely exciting
military based game that has taken the world by storm and has
won many awards along the way from leading gaming authorities.

The game sets out as a group of elite snipers are given the
mission of taking out a wide selection of enemies before
they have the chance to unleash their forces upon you.

Players must guide their group of snipers through many
dangerous landscapes whilst keeping them alive so you
will be able to take out your targets before they destroy

PS3 Sniper Ghost Warrior

We have played many games during our years as games
reviewers and we have to say we have never found any
better than this as it is truly sensational.

Graphically it is a masterpiece and also in the way of
game play as it is completely enthralling to say the
least and this is why we love it so much and have given
it a rating of 9/10.

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Price: £24.99

You save: £5.00

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