Xbox Bioshock 2

Xbox Bioshock 2 is the second instalment of one of the most
successful shooter based games of all time and has received
many rave reviews from leading video games critics from all
over the world.

The iconic team at 2K Games have put together one of the
hottest video games releases of the year and without a doubt
this all new edition is the best we have seen so far.

Once again players are thrust into a futuristic world
where they will find themselves again faced with armies of
evil aliens who they must defeat on their way to freeing
the land.

Xbox Bioshock 2

If you thought the graphics were good one the first edition
then you are in for a pleasant surprise when you play this
new game as they are far superior to the previous game if
that is possible.

The game play follows suit perfectly from the original and
is extremely addictive from start to finish and this is why
our team here at Games99 have awarded this game a rating of

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Old Price: £24.99

Price: £19.99

You save: £5.00

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