Xbox Bioshock

Xbox Bioshock is the game that everyone has been talking about
as it offers one of the most highly entertaining and addictive
gaming experiences ever seen in a video game.

The multi award winning and iconic team at 2K Games have really
outdone themselves this time as this game is one of the most
challenging and engrossing games we have ever seen.

Players will need to negotiate a wide variety of hostile
environments as they attempt to wipe the floor with the
hordes of evil aliens who are trying to overthrow your

Xbox Bioshock

We here at Games99 have been reviewing this game now for some
time and after all this time we have come to the conclusion that
this game is simply fantastic to say the least.

The graphics are out of this world and so is the game play and
for this reason we gladly give this awesome title a rating of
10/10 for both quality and value.

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