Xbox Sleeping Dogs

Xbox Sleeping Dogs thrusts players into the role of an undercover
police detective who has the task of bringing down a notorious
criminal who runs all of the viscous Hong Kong Triads.

SquareCNIX have done a fantastic job of creating this game as it
has been critically acclaimed as one of the best games of its
kind ever to be released and has won many great reviews from
leading video games critics.

Players will need to be on the top of their game if they are to
be successful and defeat their arch enemy and whatever happens
you will be sure to be on a roller coaster ride that you will
never forget.

Xbox Sleeping Dogs

every now and again a game comes along which revolutionizes the
way we see video games and this is one of them as it offers so
much more than any other game from this genre.

Its graphics are sensational and so is the game play and we are
sure that you find yourself engrossed for hours on end and for
this reason Games99 have decided to give this game a rating of

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Price: £44.99

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